2014 Spring Brianna Fonti External Programs United Kingdom

Welcome to London

Back from another eventful and exhilarating mini vacation away from Scotland! This time I took a detour to the venerable and charismatic hub of Great Britain, London. After a series of misfortunes, ranging from a cancelled flight to realizing I had directions to the wrong hotel, the journey to London was definitely off to a shaky start. However, I can think of many things worse than being lost in London on an uncharacteristically sunshine-filled, pleasant day. After soliciting directions from anyone who gave off the presence of being a local, I eventually arrived at the desired destination and finally met up with my uncle and sister.



Being new to the London scene, it proved beneficial to have a docent present, as my uncle studied abroad here during his college years. We took all the touristy pictures imaginable, witnessed the crossing of the guard at Buckingham palace, and unsuccessfully attempted to find an alcoholic beverage that my sister fancied. I always knew it was a long shot, but a surge of disappointment came over me when my quest was met with failure.

While the city itself was charming, the real magic happened once we stepped outside the city and entered the remote city of Leavesden, the filming spot of Harry Potter. I’m not going to sit here and try and convince you that I am a diehard Potterhead, for that would be an utter fallacy. I do enjoy the movies, and I must recommend this attraction to anyone with the slightest interest in cinematography, because it was truly fascinating. Not to mention the incomparable deliciousness that is the rich and frothy Butterbeer! That alone is worth the trip! We got to experience the making of Harry Potter with an audio tour narrated by Draco Malfoy himself. To see the craftsmanship, dedication, and just how pedantic the process was, really made me appreciate the whole elaborate movie making operation. I even began to reconsider my career choice, even though I know making it big in this business is a one in a million chance. I’d definitely opt for behind the scenes activity, seeing as I can’t even master the Scottish accent, regardless of all the exposure I have had in the past few months! Due to my lack of accent acquisition and overall inability to do any accent other than my own, my acting aspirations unfortunately have been quelled.






I was a little excited about attending potions class!


The next morning we woke up bright and early to witness the famous changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. Due to the stoic nature of the guards, I expected the event to be quite austere, however the British band marched in playing swing jazz tunes and even a rendition of Pharrell’s hit single “Happy.”  Overall the event turned out to be quite a bit more upbeat than I initially envisioned.


We explored the Notting Hill market, buying a bunch of trinkets along the way. Took the quintessential Abbey Road picture, and even got to view London from the top of the eye! All in all it was a fantastic experience, but now I am back in Glasgow until finals commence. So let the inexorable studying and dread sink in! Some actual studying to “study abroad” after all this adventure, honestly how could I even complain? Until next time!





Leaving my mark on Abbey Road; life in a nutshell!

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