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Kumano Kodo Nature Hiking & Ise Grand Shrine Trip: Part 2

The top of our first hike was a wonderful treat, for shrines and a large temple are at the peak. The roofs are some of my favorite parts of these buildings.


 There were impressive spiritual statues as well. This figure was outside of the largest Buddhist temple, looking upon each of the visitors as they passed.


 In celebration of spring and good future for children, these koinobori (carp flags) are strung up to fly in the wind. They’re adorable and so happy!


 Continuing through the temples, we spot a beautiful waterfall in the distance. The large pagoda was also a spectacular sight.


 After walking towards the waterfall, TUJ took a break for some tasty matcha (powdered green tea) soft serve ice cream: a perfect refreshing treat after hiking.


  Back on the trail, we headed towards the waterfall. The journey was just as fantastic as the final destination, for the amazingly tall cedar trees were a monumental sight!


 Still, the waterfall was one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in Japan. It seemed to fall so slowly from the top of the cliff, watching it was hypnotizing.


 After our first hike, we traveled on to the largest torii gate in Japan. These Shinto gates mark the entrance to a sacred place, symbolically marking the transition from our world into a more spiritual one.


 It was MASSIVE (note the tiny person on the right)!

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