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Kumano Kodo Nature Hiking & Ise Grand Shrine Trip: Part 3

Off we went back on the bus, hungry and ready to relax. To our delight, we stopped at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. It such a fun experience! The sushi was very good quality too. We were each allotted a certain amount of plates, which as you can tell, we took full advantage of.


Back on the bus we went, but it was never a boring ride. The views of the mountains and rivers were gorgeous, especially the unbelievably blue fresh water.


We made a pit stop at Kawayu onsen, which is a famous location for hot spring water on the riverbanks. Digging in the dirt on the bank results in a fresh pool of extremely hot spring water. We had a lovely bento lunch and warmed our feet in the water.


  Then, we arrived at our lodgings! The location was lovely, complete with a wide river and pleasant forests.


  The cabins were also amazing! They were quite luxurious.


  Inside, the cabins were Japanese-style, complete with tatami mats, futons, and a very comfortable bath.


  It was also wonderful to find that bikes were provided along with the lodgings! Since we had a good amount of free time, we rode around the area and explored.


  We also played a bit in the river that ran in front of the cabins. It was shallow and the rocks were comfortable on our feet. While the water was cold, it was invigorating.


  Finally, it was dinnertime. The lodgings had perfect barbecuing tables outdoors. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a hot dog!


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