2014 Spring Brianna Fonti External Programs United Kingdom

Sunny Glasgow

Here I am, reporting from the sunny city of Glasgow. Using the adjective sunny is something I never expected to do; but after 6 days of consecutive sunshine and my acute sunburn as corroborating evidence, it looks like Scotland’s largest city is experiencing an unprecedented period of sunshine. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be an apocalyptic indicator, or more probably, a sign that Scotland never wants me to leave. And as tempting as staying here forever seems, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that my time in this mesmerizing country is coming to a close. With a little over a month to go, I reminisce about the experience so far and can say with complete conviction that I do not regret a bit of it!  Well maybe I regret my negligent attitude towards studying, seeing as I am perpetually held within the confines of the bleak and dismal library until the conclusion of finals!

To avoid setting a lugubrious tone for this blog, I’ll stray away from discussing the impending finals. But do not get me wrong, the pervasive voices in my head are mocking my procrastination, questioning whether or not I will ever learn and change. At this point in my 21 years of living, unfortunately it looks like procrastination is embedded in my DNA. So technically, I can’t be blamed for my maladaptive behavior! If that’s not persuasive justification, I don’t know what is!  But I promise, I am indeed taking out ample time to study!

On a more positive note, with the sun overhead I made my way over to the famous Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Although confused by this sun conundrum, I decided to not question it, but rather embrace it. Honestly, I’m not particularly interested in botany. However I have to say, the vibrant flowers and myriad of plants present in the greenhouses really got my attention. I think it’s because in my head I was mentally planning which flowers would look best in an idyllic wedding bouquet. The greenhouses held all these natural beauties, however, I felt a little ambivalent about them. The constant change of scenery and temperature as we moved from the rainforest environment to the desert, intense heat flashes were elicited. Some may call be overdramatic, but I’ve never been one that does well in the heat! The day as a whole was a success and I couldn’t believe that I waited all this time to visit this gem that was right under my nose.



Me cooling off in the rainforest room, after profusely sweating in the desert!


Easter came a few days later, and the glorious weather was still intact. A few friends and I cooked up our own little feast and brought it to Kelvingrove park, where we encountered quite a few people with the same idea. My stomach was filled to max capacity. With a full stomach, I couldn’t help but notice that a lingering feeling of emptiness was also present. This was the first big family event that I’ve missed since being abroad, and I know I previously said it wouldn’t happen, but the homesickness seeped in. It could’ve been from Peep deprivation, but I felt myself yearning for an American Easter.


Pretty sure I was covering my face because I had a mouth full of food, only logical explanation.


Scotland will be missed when I return to the homeland, but I guess there is some solace in knowing that I’ll be returning to an amazing family. One who I will be eternally grateful to for providing me with the best 5 months of my life.


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