2014 Spring Ani Soghomonian Temple in Spain

Gijón and Fútbol Game

Vivian, me, Nora at the game
Vivian, me, Nora at the game

Gijón is a beach town about 30 minutes away from Oviedo, and a little escape for those of us (like me) who are itching to be by the water. My friends and I went last Saturday, crossing our fingers that we would not get caught in the rain. Luckily, it ended up being a sunny, but windy, day. A few months ago, the coast was in terrible condition: broken rocks all along the coast, and other damage that badly affected the town. Saturday was the first time that I had been there since. Unfortunately, we were not able to go onto the beach (at least from the part of the coastline that we were walking along) because it was all gated off due to construction. But, the views were just as good from afar. Unlike the grimy, grey and questionable waters of the Jersey shore, the water was the bluest I have ever seen, and clear enough to see to the bottom from a distance.

After that, we were walking the streets and got some delicious helado (ice cream). We passed a beautiful church on our way back to the bus station, and there was a wedding about to happen! There were dozens of people sitting outside of the church, waiting for the novia (bride) to arrive. Standing outside the church were some bagpipers who were also waiting for the bride’s grand entrance. We decided to watch as well, because how many times


will an opportunity like this pop up again? After half an hour of waiting simultaneously being fashion police to those strolling into the church in their fancy attire, we saw the car pull up into the center of the square. The bride stepped out in her beautiful wedding dress and the bagpipers made a little walkway for her to pass through them. It was an unexpected and awesome thing to be able to witness!

On Sunday, I finally went to a partido de fútbol. I´ve been itching to go ever since we got here, but I was waiting for the weather to be decent enough since the stadium is open at the top. Jaime got us tickets to the game against Gijon. Before the game, there was a tailgate that I’m assuming was similar to a Phillies one. I didn´t go, but I saw the aftermath…

The stadium was pretty full, which was understandable because Gijon is a big rival of Real Oviedo. Unfortunately, Oviedo lost…big time. Nevertheless, it was a good time, and I know I wouldn´t have been able to forgive myself if I didn´t go to at least one fútbol game. Some of the fans are so crazy that they were harassing the Oviedo players as they were walking out of the stadium because of how poorly they played. Apparently the fans get as mad when their team loses as they do when they win.

Tomorrow is a holiday for us, called Día del trabajador. It is basically the equivalent of Labor Day that we have in the United States. We’ll see what tomorrow brings

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