2014 Spring Sarah Hummel Temple Rome

Home From Rome

It’s almost impossible to believe that I’m home. Sunday was a blur of airport terminals and mixed emotions. While I told myself I was more than ready to go home, there was still a part of me that wishes I could stay. (And just bring all of my family and friends to Rome permanently.)

Now that I’ve been home for a few days and gotten over the initial shock of the ten hour flight, I figured it was the perfect time to write my last post as a Study Abroad Blogger.

Academically, this has been the hardest semester of my college career. On top of the basic curriculum, my professors taught me things I never would have learned in Philly. I didn’t come to Rome thinking classes would be a walking in the park, but I definitely didn’t expect them to be harder than Philly- so heads up to future Rome students- it’s still school… for real.

Living on my own was something else I didn’t think would be much more different than back at home but actually ended up being harder. Little things like not relying on a meal plan were harder to adjust to than I thought. If I didn’t want to eat undercooked pasta and tomato sauce every night I had to make an effort to plan something to make or go out to eat, and let’s be serious… I didn’t have the money to eat out 5-6 nights a week.

I also learned a lot about the other students around me. It was interesting to see how people from other schools handle their studying, or lack thereof, and what was important to different people. Some people focused on traveling, some on drinking and partying, and others on exploring Rome. It all really depended on what you were looking to get out of your study abroad experience.

With this being my last post, I figured I would share one of my adventures during the last week of my stay in Rome that I didn’t get to blog about before.

The week before finals I decided to visit the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma to see the ballet Verdi Danse. The ballet took music by composer Giuseppe Verdi’s ballabili opera pieces.


I specifically wanted to see Verdi Danse because of the huge cultural impact Giuseppe Verdi’s work has on Italian ballerinas.


The Teatro dell’Opera was absolutely beautiful. It felt like you were stepping back in time when you walked through the glass doors. There was red velvet everywhere, men in full suits, women in pearls, not to mention the HUGE crystal chandler handing from the ceiling; the building itself was a piece of art.


Another thing I got to experience my last week in Rome was the decorating of the Spanish Steps for spring. The Spanish Steps by far are one of my favorite “tourist” spots of Rome.

Spanish Steps

I want to thank everyone at the Temple Rome campus who made my experience in Rome so memorable. Given the opportunity to blog about my travels and experiences in Italy has been one of the coolest experience I’ve had. I hope my blogs were able to give an insight into what it’s like to study abroad, and were as much fun to read as they were to write.

Thank you Italy for letting me call you home for a semester, it was an incredible experience and I hope to return soon.

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