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A Farewell to Tokyo

Quite suddenly, the time has come to say farewell. For our final days in Tokyo, we decided to visit some of our favorite sights.  First stop: Shinjuku. An absolute whirlwind of a neighborhood, Shinjuku has provided endless fascination with high-rising commercial buildings and tons of tiny dive bars. It is one of the most impressive, inspiring, fast-paced, exciting and slightly seedy areas in Tokyo. I love it.



Next comes Shibuya. This photograph captures my favorite area of the massive expanse of Shibuya, which is one of Tokyo’s most iconic neighborhoods. I really enjoy all of the street art that lines the tracks of the JR train line.


 Shibuya has some of the most diverse scenery in Tokyo, from the busiest street cross on earth to these mysterious canals lined with buildings.


 Graffiti is plentiful and colorful, lining each street in a way that is indescribably fitting for the area.


 On my walks to the Nakagin Capsule Tower, I would always pass this window display on the edge of Ginza. In my opinion, Japan will forever be the master of quirk and design.


 A very special location is Nakameguro, which provided some of the most beautiful views of cherry blossoms I’ll ever see (not to mention excellent strawberry champagne and yakitori). 


 I couldn’t help but have my favorite sweet: matcha soft serve.


 It really is no wonder that the sakura blossom is such an icon of Japan. Even on a cloudy day they seem to shine.


 As I traveled closer to home, I meditated upon some of my most precious views of my everyday commute. This beautiful tree will always baffle me.


 Then, of course the Kitazono dormitory: my home for the past 3 months. I’ve been so incredibly lucky to call this building home. The dorm and the neighborhood are refreshing and lovely, I have always felt at home here.



 The view from my room always made me calm and happy, especially when hearing the local preschool play each morning at the adjacent park. I have had countless mornings on my patio enjoying the soft street sounds and the park’s crowds, it has definitely provided some of my most peaceful moments.


 Finally, my local FamilyMart. It’s been awesome, for lack of a better word, to have the high quality Japanese convenience store practically at my doorstep. From late-night snacks to morning coffees, this place (and all konbinis) has given me many good memories.


 It’s difficult to write about the thoughts and emotions that have been gradually building up as our time has run out, but I will always be able to express my gratitude to my family and TUJ and my pure happiness at the thought of my experiences in this city. Tokyo will always be a home for us.

It has been a pleasure showing you all some of my views of Japan, I truly insist that you go visit!




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