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Ocean Park!

So before I got swamped with finals preparations and the final exams itself, I went to Ocean Park with my roommate! The original plan was to go to Macau but some issues occurred so we opted for Ocean Park instead.

A lot of the locals have told me that if I had to choose between going to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park, I should go to Ocean Park instead. After visiting the park itself, I can see why.


Ocean Park gives you more options, such as more rides to their zoo portion of the park—think Sea World.

Ocean Park is located on the mountains of Hong Kong Island and the only way to the park besides driving is by bus. The park is split into two sections on the mountains and one side has all the animals while the other has all the rides and some animals. To get the other part of the park you have two options, take the cable car or the train (which are both free!). We opted for the cable car since we didn’t go on the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars when we were on Lantau Island.


The weather was quite foggy that day, but there were some sail boats in the waters that day! Fun fact about Ocean Park, senior citizens in Hong Kong get free admission to the park which is pretty awesome that Ocean Park offers that.

We went over to the rides section first and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of roller coasters, but my roommate was. So while she went on the rides I roamed around the park. Aside from the rides, there were several exhibitions on this side of the park such as the penguin exhibition and the arctic fox exhibition.



Thankfully, there weren’t that many guests at the park so we were able to see the animals close up! We were also quite lucky with animal feeding times.


We also caught the dolphin show! The whole venue was practically filled for the show.


We headed back to the other side of the park to go look for the pandas. We took the train back instead because the cable car waiting time was ~45 minutes. Once we were back on the other side, the first place we headed to was the panda house. Luckily the panda was not hiding, but sadly it was sleeping (but then, when are pandas NOT sleeping?) The panda did move a bit though…to scratch its butt.

P1050337Right next to the pandas were the red pandas and we caught the keepers feeding them! I’ve never seen a real red panda before until now, and they are the cutest things in the world!


The last place we went to was to the Seahorse exhibition. Ocean Park was advertising this ruthlessly on TV and in the MTR; ads were everywhere for it. The exhibition was okay—there’s only so much you can do with seahorses.

P1050441 P1050454Overall, Ocean Park was a pleasant experience! Like I said before, I can see why some locals would prefer Ocean Park over Disney. If you’re not a Disney enthusiast then Ocean Park will be a better option.


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