2014 Summer Delilah Romasanta Temple Rome

Celebrating outside Rome: Todi and Titignano





Orientation ended with a trip outside of Rome to see past city life and discover real Italian culture. In order to do this, we went to Todi and Titignano. This day trip, often noted as a highlight of students’ study abroad, is a refreshing and inspirational experience to start the semester.


The day begins in Todi, a medieval town that sits on top of a hill in the province of Perugia in central Italy.


Students enjoy the view from this hilltop medieval town; it’s a view that reflects the relaxed and laid-back Italian culture.


Students take a break and grab a cappuccino in the Piazza, a typical way to start the day in Italy.


Students freely explore the winding alleys of Todi, much less crowded than their Roman counterparts.


Students are relieved this local vender speaks English. They sample some delicious, locally made jam and decide to buy it.


Todi is a quaint town with many small restaurants and shops, most of which are closed this Sunday.


Awe-inspiring sights are not unusual while wandering the streets of Todi, and are the reason it was voted the most livable city in the world.


After Todi, students take a bus over to Titignano to try some authentic Italian food for dinner, including risotto and tiramisu!


Titignano continues to offer picturesque views students don’t get while in Rome.


Students make new friends while walking around Titignano and enjoy appetizers such as pizza before sitting down for endless amounts of wine and the rest of the meal.

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