2014 Summer Delilah Romasanta Temple Rome

A class trip to Ostia Antica

With only six weeks in a summer session, students rush to see as much as possible before leaving Rome. Some students want to explore all of Europe, taking trips to Barcelona and Paris, while others stay in Italy and book trips to Tuscany and the Amalfi coast. Whatever the case, six weeks flies by and maybe even seems too short. Luckily, Temple Rome only schedules classes Monday through Thursday, so students have a three day weekend to explore Rome and the rest of Europe. On select Fridays, certain classes will also schedule trips to explore and learn more about Italy. This past Friday the Rome Sketchbook classes, taught by Professors Guerra and Krizek, went to the ruins of Ostia Antica.


Ostia Antica are ruins that can be found one train stop before the beach.


Sketchbook students climb the ruins to get a view of an old swimming area.


One student demonstrates the acoustics in the amphitheater by singing for everyone.


Students follow the Professors across the fields for an ink wash demonstration.


Art education major Danielle takes a look at the ink wash examples Professor Krizek created.


Students listen in as Professor Guerra begins the demonstration by drawing a corinthian column ahead of her.


In the afternoon, students set out on their own to explore Ostia Antica and try their hand at ink wash.


This anthropology major enjoys exploring the ruins of Ostia Antica, often recommended as a more intact site than the popular Pompeii ruins.


Art history major April takes a snapshot in the ruins.


Students settle down in the shade to begin their last ink wash drawing of the day.

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