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Stormy Days and Sports Night

DSC_9207 copy

It was another stormy week in Tokyo. This is a view from the balcony of the Kitazono Women’s Dorm

DSC_9259 copy

While the weather may not have been perfect for going outside, it was perfect for a visit to the cat café where we were able to experience this kitten’s first day at the café.

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Sports Night provided by TUJ. Pictured SA students – Mike Allen (Economics, Main Campus), Michael Vy (Main Campus) and Rasmy Nguyen, Communication Studies, Main Campus).

DSC_9296 copy


We began the night with some intense basketball

DSC_9275 copy

Full-time TUJ students Tomohito and Shun pose mid-game

DSC_9297 copy

On the other side of the gym, students participated in playing volleyball. Check out that jump on the left!

DSC_9350 copy

The Sports Night crew!

DSC_9341 copy

Even cleaning up afterwards was a friendly competition

DSC_9351 copy

Afterwards, we were able to experience something rare: a full moon on Friday the 13th. The next time we will be able to see this is in 2049.

DSC_9391 copy

Eric Mousin (psychology, University of Vermont) and Sarah Maloney (film studies, Sarah Lawrence) pose in front of Temple after class



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