Elisabeth Shertzer Leipzig Temple Summer

Dresden and Week 3 in Leipzig





Steve and Webb read up on Dresden on the train ride there.


We spent a day in Dresden, mainly in the beautiful Altstadt. There were street performers of all sorts everywhere.


Steve and David joke around as we pause our tour in the Markt area of the Altstadt.


Dr. Waskie showed the group through the city, stopping at each important building to tell us a little about its history.


The ceiling of the Frauenkirche, which is actually a reconstruction. The Frauenkirche was almost reduced to rubble after World War II, but now stands tall in the middle of the Altstadt.


Steve and Dan climbed to the top of the Frauenkirche.


Back in Leipzig: Last week there was a protest at the university against the cutting of some programs, such as archeology. The protest ended up including about 7,500 students. It was really inspiring, but also a little sad for me; we have been dealing with similar problems here at Temple (namely the attempts to cut the African American Studies program) and protests against our program cuts are not nearly as large. It seems that civil unrest is more widespread here, and people aren’t afraid to protest against what they believe is wrong. I feel like in the US, we often just take what we are handed with the mindset of “oh, we’ll never be able to change it.” It’s really a shame.


Johann Sebastian Bach’s grave in the Thomaskirche. As a music theory major, I’m a huge admirer of Bach, who spent the last 27 years of his life here in Leipzig. The day I took this picture I also visited the Bach Museum across the street from the church.


This guy was spotted in the Connewitz neighborhood, laying in the middle of the sidewalk on a sunny day.


Dan, Webb, Steve, and Alex in the hallway after classes ended for the day. Tonight the US is playing against Belgium in the WM, and Dan is already prepared for the game!


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