2014 Fall Steven Tang


Hello everyone!

My name is Steven! よろしくお願い!Since this will be my first post from Japan, I will begin by dedicating my first post to introductions. I am a student form Temple University Main Campus, dual majoring in International Business and Management Information Systems. I have always wanted to travel to Japan, so when I learned about Temple’s study aboard program, I immediately signed myself up. I had various reasons for enrolling in this exciting program. For instance, as an adult, I want observe how globalization has transformed the world, and to learn as much as I can about Japan by completely immersing myself in it. However, the child inside of me wants to roam the country and buy everything (especially anime and Gundam related products). For my readers’ sake, I’ll be sure to try to keep it balanced.

I am living with the wonderful Sakashita family. We live in Shimo Kita-ku, a town about 45 minutes from TUJ’s campus. Shimo is a very quiet and peaceful town, especially in comparison to the surrounding cities. The Sakashita family is a family of four: otou-san, okaa-san, Takahiro, and Erika. Otou-san used to work at a pharmacy, but now, he has retired. It seems that his company likes to call him into work all the time to train the new drug store workers so he usually comes home pretty late. I recall that he likes to play golf. Okaa-san works in real estate. Her cooking is the best, and she is very organized! I’ve been taking pictures every meal to brag to friends, and as my way of showing her how much I appreciate and enjoy her cooking.

2014-08-28 19.11.47
Some Indian Curry and Yam that Okaasan made for dinner! For our side dishes: tofu with soy sauce, and salad!!
2014-08-30 09.04.57
For breakfast, pizza toppings on toasted bread! Of course with a side of salad and fruits! Japanese people seem to have a very balanced and healthy diet.


Takahiro, apparently has his own house, however he occasionally visits for dinner. He told me that he is part of a band call Mrs Scottie Pippen! Isn’t that cool? I’ll be sure to listen to his band’s music before he visits for dinner. Last but not least, is their energetic and intelligent daughter, Erika. She went to high school in the US so she is fluent in English (she will be your lifeline if you enter the Sakashita household). She currently works for MathWorks and has worked for amazing companies such as Oracle and Google. Living with a host family has been great so far, and I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to the family for their kindness and patience.

2014-08-27 08.34.33
Our local post office! Once of the landmarks I took a picture of to make sure I don’t get lost on the way home.

It still feels very surreal that I’m actually in Japan. The past few days passed by so quickly, I can hardly believe that I’ve been here for almost a week already! I already acquired tons of stories I would love to share with my readers in this past week. Originally, when I entered Japan, I thought I would be entering a really high-tech country! But it seems that it is more of a mix of a very traditional culture along with a lot of high-end technology. I’ll be sure to take some pictures to show the contrast next time. At this point, I’m still having trouble getting a normal sleep schedule and often find myself awake around 5 am messaging family and friends back home. This probably due to a combination of jet-lag, the excessively bright and early sunrise, and my desire to explore. I honestly doubt I will ever experience homesickness while in Japan! With so many adventures to explore, there are simply not enough hours in each of my days! In my next post, I will go into more details about this week’s adventure with the airport, train station, BBQ, and trip to Shibuya! Please look forward to it!

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