2014 Fall Katie Hennessy Temple Rome

Ready, Set…

Although as I write this, I haven’t left my house yet (flight is at 6 pm..the countdown begins!) I can already say one of the definite perks of studying abroad in the Fall is having the whole summer to prepare. An organized student can really take advantage of the summer months to research, brush up on their Italian, pack ahead of time, and plan out trips and excursions.

Which I did!

…Okay, not really. But I’ve always been more of the “spontaneous adventure” type rather than “plan everything ahead of time”.

Back in July, I drew this to sort out some of my feelings towards this upcoming semester:

Now that today is THE DAY, my feelings are a little more like this:

me, every 5 minutes
me, every 5 minutes

Am I ready? Maybe.
Nervous? Probably.
Excited? Definitely.
I know this is going to be an unforgettable, life-changing 3 1/2 months. I can’t wait for it to begin!


      1. This is awesome! I don’t know much French, so I’ll have to ask my friend for help. But the illustrations are wonderful, and fun to look as even without being able to understand the text! Thanks for the link!

      2. You see why I thought of Pénélope.
        By the way, I directed the Rome program minny minny years ago. The Medaglie d’Oro is my fault. Ask Teri.
        You’ve got talent; good luck with it.

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