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The Joys of Megabus

Since I’ve been here, I have had a significant, personal discovery… Megabus! This is undoubtedly the best mode of travel for students. Studying abroad in the first place is not the most money-friendly decision, but while gallivanting across the globe you don’t need to spend a fortune to have unforgettable experiences. If you are going to study abroad in Europe, I beg of you to check out this particular bus service. You will be floored at how far a few dollars can take you. It has stops nearly everywhere in the United Kingdom and for most big cities of Europe as well. If booked far enough in advance, you can go from UEA to London (which is about 3 hours away) for the shockingly low fee of £1. Many of the prices range between £1 and £15 (which is the equivalent range of about $1.50 to $23). I have now taken advantage of Megabus a few times from my university to London and have even taken it for a extensive, sixteen hour journey to Amsterdam.


The journeys to Amsterdam and back were at least £100 cheaper than flying and in a way that was not even the best part! During those long, long rides I had the opportunity to see so much of Europe. French, Belgian, and Dutch scenery and cities passed by and left me with not a single dull moment during the trip. Yet another new experience that Megabus enabled for me to have, was that of crossing the English Channel via the Channel tunnel!

The Channel tunnel connects England to France through a 31.4 mile long tunnel. This tunnel holds the record for having the longest underground portion at 23.5 miles of underwater tunnel! Honestly, it made me a little nervous thinking about how our bus would be underwater for so long, but mostly it amazed me.

The tunnel is actually rather far away from the water, as it was built though a deeper layer of earth underneath the sea floor.
The tunnel is actually rather far away from the water, as it was built though a deeper layer of earth underneath the sea floor.

Popping up in France from giant hole dug underneath water that started in England is quite a strange experience if you really think about it!

The journey to Amsterdam was long, but all the interesting surroundings kept me happy and so did the bus’s conveniences of outlets, a bathroom and free Wi-Fi. Overall, Megabus is the best way for a study abroad student to travel cheaply and see Europe through a different perspective.

I appreciate it even more for getting me to my destination safely! Amsterdam was worth the long ride. It’s a unusual city full of kind people and history. Being able to visit the Anne Frank house was the most enlightening and moving event of the trip. Passing through the secret bookcase into the areas where she and her family hid and lived (for nearly 2 years) is beyond description. The whole house gave me a new understanding for what Jews had to face during the Holocaust. Once through the rooms and corridors of the house, the space opened up into a room where her diary and other writings were on display.

The house in the middle is the Anne Frank House, located at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam.

The Blumenmarket (flower market), canals, and colorful graffiti were other points of interest from my adventure.




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