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Day Trips & Day Dreams

What’s the meaning of Stonehenge?! A few classmates and I wanted to know, so we decided to make the pilgrimage to Stonehenge and Bath in the form of a bus tour. We woke up early on a Friday and caught our bus before many of us fell right back asleep—although this proved somewhat difficult since the bus was freezing! My friend and I speculated that, since most places in London don’t have air-conditioning, they were boasting theirs by turning it up full blast. I mean, after all, we are experiencing a “heat-wave” over here. The worst, hottest wave of heat in London for almost a decade. It felt an awful lot like a Philly summer to me. It’s actually kind of cute, in the tube (which is pretty hot, I can’t deny that) they will announce on the loudspeaker that it is a very hot day and that everyone should bring water along with them through their commutes. I could never imagine Septa asking its riders to stay hydrated! Then again, Septa is pretty well air-conditioned…

But back to our day trip! As many of us slept, Tom, our tour guide, spoke bitterly throughout the bus ride about the politics and finances of different areas in London. His classic, sarcastic, London humor—or should I say “humour”—made us all laugh (if not somewhat uncomfortably) until we finally arrived at Stonehenge. Appropriately, we listed to the semi-popular Ylvis song, “What’s the Meaning of Stonehenge?” before proceeding to our ultimate destination. If you haven’t heard the song, you must listen before reading the rest of this post. Here is the link:


It was definitely the soundtrack to our day trip. We still break out in the chorus here and there while in London. It’s so catchy, like, how can you not? The actual henge though, was not quite as impressive as we thought it would be. It was awesome and mystical, but really, it was much smaller than it looks in pictures.

the henge


As we walked around, we took an endless number of pictures including selfies and group pictures self-titled, “brohenge” and “it’s the girl’s henge” along with many others.

It's the girl's henge
It’s the girl’s henge

When we got back to the bus and settled in, we were astonished that Tom decided to leave behind one of the other passengers. “This is what happens when you’re late,” he said (something along those lines at least). Okay, Tom. We kept this in mind. Don’t be late.

Next stop: Bath. I really didn’t know what to expect in Bath. I knew about the Roman baths—which is not where the town name comes from by the way—but not much else. It was absolutely enchanting. Beautiful, old buildings lining every street, live music playing at every corner. It’s hard to quite capture the town’s magnificence.

bath building bath building 2

Some kind of street performer in Bath--it must have taken forever to make that costume, but I'm not quite sure what she's supposed to be.
Some kind of street performer in Bath–it must have taken forever to make that costume, but I’m not quite sure what she’s supposed to be.

Visiting the Roman baths was a particularly awe-inspiring experience as it was so easy to imagine people of ancient times bathing and playing in the water. I’m not even a huge history buff really, but being in the places where so much has taken place can deeply captivate a person. I just kept thinking about how amazing it would have been to be there then—when it was actually in use and not just a crowded tourist destination, when I wouldn’t be just a tourist. I’m sure that’s how a lot of tourists think about it, and that’s why we put up with the rest of the tourists. It’s always been funny to me how a tourist can get annoyed with other tourists. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do the same thing, but it really is a ridiculous concept to ponder.

cool monks at roman baths
Yeah, I was creeping, but these guys just looked so cool admiring the baths!

roman bath building

Group picture at the Roman baths
Group picture at the Roman baths (sorry the lighting is not so great)

We continued to explore and everything was beautiful, but unfortunately my phone had died by then so I have no more pictures. I learned on that trip that you can see a whole lot in a day, so I hope to go on more day trips soon.

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