2015 Summer Caitlyn Heter Paris Temple Summer

Au revoir, et Bon Courage.

Well, this is a post I do not want to write; my last.

I’ve punched in the three separate entry codes to my Parisian apartment for the last time. I’ve said my goodbyes to the friends I made and to the family that took care of me. Now I’m back in Philly, ready for the next semester at Temple University. Of course, I’m a little sad; as you’ve hopefully read in my last two posts, I have come to really love the city of Paris. It’s not some dreamy romantic place anymore. I’ve come to understand its true nature, urine smells and all. I still love it.

I decided to apply for this program before I even started college. I had a plan; if I took this class fall semester, and that one spring semester, I could test into a high enough class to finish my minor in Paris over the summer. I had figured out how to spend my summer stipend from Temple Honors! I was completing a minor already! It was perfect.

Then before I left at the end of June, I asked myself, “Do I really know enough about France or the French language to get credit for it on my diploma?” And I was certain the answer was “Absolutely not.” Frankly, as I prepared to go to Paris I felt a little guilty, but that quickly changed when I got there. Now not only do I feel like I’ve earned the minor, I’m hoping to make French my second major.

I spent my last afternoon in Paris eating lunch with friends I wouldn’t see again for a long time. I walked through the Luxembourg Gardens and had my last Parisian ice cream cone and observed French children playing with toy boats in the fountain. I snuck up to the terrace at the Foyer where other Temple students live, because even though I don’t live there it’s an incredible view, and I had to see it one last time. Seriously, if you do the Paris program be sure to go up there. You can see everything, and photos don’t do it justice at all.

Cassis ice cream in the Luxembourg Gardens
I'll really miss the beautifully manicured gardens of Paris.
I’ll really miss the beautifully manicured gardens of Paris.

Saying goodbye to Beatrix, my host mom, was the hardest of all. “You’re welcome here anytime,” she told me. “I’m sure you’ll be back.” And I truly hope she’s right about that.

The foyer rooftop has one of my favorite views of the city.
The foyer rooftop has one of my favorite views of the city.

To everyone who’s been following my travels through this blog and through my Facebook page, thank you so much for your support. It’s time for me to do some work on my personal blog, now.

To anyone considering studying abroad, DO IT. Whether it’s a summer or a year, Paris or New Zealand, something you’ve studied for a long time or something brand new–deciding to go is the first step in a great big, awesome adventure.

Au revoir, et bon courage!

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