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Where I Live

I’ve already written a few times about my townhouse in Alexander Court at the University of Stirling. The townhouses are new and clean, they’re filled with fun, interesting people, and they’re in a really cool location, but there are some downsides to being situated at the edge of campus.

The most obvious downside is the long walk to class. Here is a map of the campus of the University of Stirling:


Alexander Court is made up of the four yellow symbols on the far right of the map. I have class four times a week in the Pathfoot building, which is denoted by the big blue symbol on the far left of the map. This walk usually takes about 15 minutes, and there are many hills along the way, which makes going to class a daunting task sometimes.

It is becoming more tempting to not go to class, partially because of the walk, but also because I have reached a point of comfort in my new home. The initial excitement of being abroad has worn off—I live here now. I still often think to myself, usually as I am falling asleep at night, “I am living in a foreign country,” but this thought is becoming less and less alarming to me as time goes by. I am becoming as comfortable in Scotland as I am at home, and while it is nice, it is also somewhat frightening. No matter where I go, after a certain amount of time I am no longer safe from falling into old routines.

For what it’s worth, I have been going to class. As a senior, I realize how important it is to show up for class, and to be prepared for it. I’ve learned that lesson already. Just thought I would get that out of the way.

I’m in a weird place right now. Fall break, in which students get a week off from classes, is fast approaching, and that signifies to me the halfway point of the semester. I am afraid that this semester, just like every other one, will be over before I know it. In the past this hasn’t been a bad thing; the sooner a semester ends, the sooner I will get a break from classes. But this semester is different. This is the first semester of my final year in college. When this semester is over, it’s back to Philadelphia for me, and when my final semester is over, I will graduate and become a full-fledged adult.

So my solution is to enjoy everything here while I can. I will enjoy not having a job for a few more weeks. Fall break is next week, and I’ve already booked a trip to Belgium and the Netherlands. I will enjoy that, and when I get back, I will continue enjoying the sheer beauty of Scotland. I may even find a way to enjoy all of the papers I have to write before the end of the semester. Stranger things have happened.

Highland Coo (
Highland Coo (“cow”) seen just minutes away from my townhouse.

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