2016 Spring Isabella Abiuso Temple Rome

Roman Holiday

As Temple University’s President Theobald once said, “Temple Owls take charge of every opportunity.” This statement has really resonated with me through my commitment to study abroad in Rome. I will admit, I am unsure of my future and am often indecisive. Coming into college I did not know my major, but I knew one thing: I wanted to study abroad. Without a doubt in my mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to broaden my educational and personal experiences in a foreign land.

To travel is to seek an opportunity diverse from our daily lives; travel allows the ability to broaden the mind through connecting with different cultures, history and people. Although most of Temple’s study abroad locations are incredibly tempting to pursue, Rome has always been on the top of my travel list. I am intrigued by the beautiful architecture and historic monuments, the seamlessly flowing language and of course the fantastic food. As you will see, food is often my main motive. Besides for the delicious pasta and gelato I will be enjoying, I love the laid back culture of Italy and look forward to having the local Romans help me with my not so flawless attempt at the Italian language.

Books to help prepare me for my time in Rome

In my preparation for my Rome study abroad experience, I have read the Rome Temple U blog and made notes of places to visit, where to eat and culture differences I will encounter. I refuse to feel like a tourist during my months abroad! I have read books and blogs to help me get acquainted with Italy. I have even completed my first course in the Italian language with a great professor, who intimidated his students the first day when he spoke only Italian until the last ten minutes of the class! I can now describe myself in Italian: Sono espansiva, socievole e allegra. Mi piace ballare e mangiare la pizza. Meaning I am outgoing, sociable and cheerful. I like to dance and eat pizza. I basically know the essentials such as asking for directions or ordering wine.

Photo taken in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

I have brushed up on my photography skills, using Philadelphia as my backdrop as I anticipate all the gorgeous sites I will try to capture with my camera in Rome. I signed up for a course in photography that I cannot wait for, with Rome as my subject it will be nearly impossible to take a bad photo! I even went on a wine tour to better understand the process of creating wine and how to properly appreciate the beverage. Perhaps owning an Italian winery will be in my future.

With all my preparation and excitement for my semester in Rome, it is hard to feel nervous with so much joy for my adventure. The next few months will be a journey of a lifetime for all students participating and I am incredibly happy to share my study abroad experience with all on Temple U Rome blog. Ciao for now!

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