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Gunma: Out of the City

This time, we had a chance to visit Gunma, a city on the northern side of Tokyo. Unlike the modernity of Tokyo, Gunma is much closer to nature.

Takasaki Kannon, which was built thirty years ago.
Standing inside the Kannon, we could see Tokyo.
In Ikaho Green Farm, Li Xie’s attention is only for this bunny.


IMG_2308 copy
Li, Julie, and Ray are enjoying being children in the farm.
IMG_2441 copy
Great view in the countryside.
Harlan Shrine is hidden in this forest.
People are tasting tea in a little shop on the way back from the shrine.
IMG_2273 copy
Beautiful goldfish in the shrine
IMG_2594 copy
A part of Misuzu Falls. The water fall is too high.
IMG_2534 copy
Being happy to be in Japan and having this chance to see somewhere outside of Tokyo!

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