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Last Week: Yell It Out!

There are only a few days left for my summer in Japan, and I just realized it. It is time to say goodbye to my life here, at least for now. For the last week, we finally went to Fujikyu Highland to yell out the pressure we always have and our love to this country.

IMG_4802 copy
Fujikyu Highland is an amusement park right next to Fuji Mountain. So there are also many people heading to Fuji mountain on the way to the amusement park.
The station for Fuji Mountain. The line to here begins all the way from Shinjuku.
The Fujikyu Highland is filled with roller coasters. We were supposed to see Fuji Mountain from here, but it was too cloudy.
We found a heart in the amusement park. Amanda would like to give it to our host mom.
The special Fuji Mountain pizza.
The biggest Maneki-nekos in the world are in Fujikyu Highland
It is interesting to see such a huge camera on the top of the roller coaster.
We are about to go the hunting house. Ready to scream.
This hunting house is built into a mental hospital. There are tree floors totally and we need to walk through all of them. It is said that this is the most scared hunting house in Japan.
Last photo for this great Japan summer. Shinya-sensei is posing with the bear. Thanks for taking us to all those secret little places in Tokyo. Also thanks to our host mom who is helping us all the time during this two months. 今まで本当にありがとうございました!Now I just want to yell out: I love Japan!








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