2016 Fall Tamlyn Kurata Temple Japan

A Day at the Beach: Jogashima Island!

Not everything is about studying and the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Some of the Study Abroad students took a trip out to Jogashima Island for some hiking, eating, and exploring in the waves. The trip included transportation via train and bus from Shinagawa station to Jogashima Island, a meal, and one entertainment ticket.

F16201_tokyo_eating some ice cream before the hike_TamlynKurata
Abigail and Peter get some ice cream before the hikes begin
F16202_tokyo_Magurodon lunch_TamlynKurata
Part of the package deal included a maguro (tuna) meal. Half of the group chose to use it for lunch and get magurodon (raw tuna over rice).
F16203_tokyo_More Magurodon lunch_TamlynKurata
Cal, James, and Kelly enjoying their lunch
F16204_tokyo_Jumping from the rocks_TamlynKurata
Shannon jumping from the rocks into the waters surrounding the island
F16205_tokyo_posing for a shot on the rocks_TamlynKurata
Malia, Peter, and Athena pose for a shot on the rocks
F16206_tokyo_Sitting in a Rock Jacuzzi_TamlynKurata
The crew found a tiny rock jacuzzi
F16207_tokyo_Sitting on the beach_TamlynKurata
Athena taking a break from all the hiking to look out at the ocean
F16208_tokyo_a rock bridge_TamlynKurata
An impressive rock bridge on the island
F16209_tokyo_looking over the island_TamlynKurata
Hannah looking out over the island from the lookout point in the park
F16210_tokyo_group shot looking over the rocks
Malia and the study abroad students stand on the rocks overlooking the Pacific Ocean

The group decided to use the entertainment ticket in one of the island’s onsen, or hot spring baths. Cameras are not permitted in the onsen, but the experience brought the entire trip to a relaxing close before we headed back to busy Tokyo.


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