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As Summer Slips Away

This week was a godsend because although nothing automatically became perfect, the weather finally dropped in temperature. I was so excited to not have to sweat all throughout the day. Last week, the weather would change frequently. In the mornings it was cold so I would have to wear a sweater, but by the middle of the day the temperature would rise to the high 80s. The sweater I would wear in the morning would have to be put in my book bag or I would have to carry it around my waist while moving though the busy metro to get back home.

Luckily, this week was marvellous! It was cool enough all day that I was able to wear the jacket or the sweater. It even rained! I feel like everyone was upset that it was raining through the beginning of the week because it happened so abruptly, but I was absolutely enthused! It made walking to classes and to other places more fun and less sweaty— at least for me. Everything suddenly became a little more bearable.

The only class I’m taking separate from the program, in La Universidad Complutense de Madrid, is experiencing problems. My professor’s contract ended on September 30th, so now my class is being taught in rotation by various professors in the art history department. The teacher is taking a month off to try to find a solution to the contract problem. I am a little disappointed since I had just started adjusting to that class and now it is changing on me again, but I’m hoping that with the help of the tutor that my program provides me with, I will be able to feel confident with the material to be able to finish my final essay for the class.

My ceramics class, however, is going swimmingly! I missed one class because I was extremely sick and throwing up, but this week, I was able to craft a ceramic car out of clay! I am so excited that I get to take such a creative class where I feel so at ease. I had taken a ceramics class at Tyler during the summer before 11th grade so I feel very familiar with the setting of the ceramics school, but I am also learning some new techniques and starting to feel more confident pursuing some more difficult things to sculpt. All in all, I am adjusting to my classes well. I really like all of them and I feel comfortable with my classmates.


Midterms week is coming up, and I feel way less stressed than I know I would be at Temple. I think knowing that this semester is one where I’m taking off doing some of the activities I usually would be doing on campus, lets me feel more at ease about having to take a couple of tests. I think I am also very excited in general about seeing my friend Annalise in the coming weekend in Budapest, Hungary— where she is studying abroad. I am happy that the weather cooled down and that my cold went away. I am feeling more optimistic about the coming week and that feels exciting!

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