2016 Fall Tamlyn Kurata Temple Japan

Hakone Trip Part 2: Mt. Komagatake

Part 2! The final stop on the trip was to Mt. Komagatake, one of the many mountains that can be reached by cable-car in Hakone. f161101_tokyo_komagatake-gondala_tamlynkurata

They say you can see Mt. Fuji on a clear day. Before ascending, the clouds were quite heavy, so Forrest took the opportunity to try and create his own “Mt. Fuji selfie”. f161102_tokyo_getting-the-perfect-shot_tamlynkurata

Fortunately, the clouds moved aside for a little bit so that Mt. Fuji was visible in the distance
All smiles at the top!
The clouds returned, giving the shrine at the top a mysterious vibe


Forrest: “Hey, doesn’t this remind you of The Sound of Music? Except not European?”
Posing on the rocks surrounding the shrine


The sun began to set as our trip came to a close. When you’re in Tokyo, it’s easy to forget how colorful the sky can be. Actually, it’s easy to forget what the sky looks like since there are so many tall buildings and neon light displays. The whole trip brought the students back to nature a little bit as they unwound in the warmth of the onsen and took in the natural beauty of Hakone from atop the mountain. Japan is truly a wonderful place to be.

Savoring the last few moments of sunshine

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