2016 Fall Tamlyn Kurata Temple Japan

Final’s Week; Final Critique

I’ve posted a lot about my adventures, both academic and non-academic, on this blog. However, the main reason I am in Japan (as I have been reminded again and again) is to study. I’ve had a few weeks where my blog posts fell to the bottom of my priorities list in favor of school work and projects. One of the classes I took this semester was Introduction to Printmaking. Instead of a final exam, we have a final critique, in which we present and showcase the project we’ve been working on during the final weeks of classes.

There was some last-minute printing going on right before critique
Patrick adding the last touches to his piece before he puts it up for exhibition


His final product – portraits of his friends
Phyo is putting her pieces up for display
Karis’s purple damask wallpaper. Each one was printed individually.
Kenta and Atsushi posing with their final pieces
Tom putting his piece up for exhibition
Critiques have begun! Tom explains the concept behind his piece
Alex points out some aspects of his prints during his critique
Kaito utilized the sunlight streaming through the blinds to help illuminate his piece

Now that finals week is over, many students are relieved with the end of the semester. The overwhelming stress has dissipated in favor of excitement for the holiday season.

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