2017 Spring Cian Grourke Lyon Temple Exchange

Lyon: La capitale gastronomique du monde

Hi, my name is Cian! I am a current junior at Temple. I am a Global Studies major and a French minor. This semester I am studying through Temple’s exchange program with Sciences Po-Lyon in France’s third largest city — Lyon! Ah a semester abroad in France — a young Francophile’s dream. Please follow me in my journey as I live and learn in a foreign city and live the Francophile dream!

These upcoming six months I will spend in Lyon will be a transformative and eye-opening time for me. Each day I will learn more fully the geopolitical viewpoints and the daily life of the average French citizen. At Sciences Po-Lyon, I will gain fluency in the French language and have cultural immersion, while gaining insight into international relations, European politics, and European history. This program will allow me to get more outside of my comfort zone and allow me to understand what it is like to live in a country which is not my own. The experiences and learning opportunities are endless!

This past fall semester, I have been up late at night thinking about the many trips I can take on my weeks off while I am abroad. I have also been planning a possible trip during for an extra week in Central and Eastern Europe after classes are over. I dream of taking the Eurorail to Spain for a week and visiting Barcelona and Madrid. I plan on meeting my mom and brother in Paris over my spring break and showing them the City of Lights and then making our way down to the City of World Gastronomy (Lyon). I am very excited to show them what an average day in Lyon would entail and the experiences I would enjoy. I imagine taking day trips to the French Riviera, Annecy, Geneva, Provence, and Chamonix. I would like to take the train to visit my high school exchange student from Mulhouse and then continuing my trip to visit a friend from high school in Hanover, Germany. I have a friend from Temple who studies at the University of Edinburgh this year and we are currently making plans to visit each other. I hope she can show me the idyllic Scottish landscape, show me the best bar crawls, and how she finds a home in her adopted city. When she comes to Lyon, we plan on skiing the French Alps. This will be extremely interesting due to the fact that I am a horrible skier, but should be enjoyable nonetheless. After my semester, I am planning on taking an extensive tour of Central and Eastern Europe, where I’ll visit Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Trieste, Venice, Milan, and Turin. Now that I am here, I can finally turn my planning into a reality!

Please continue to view my blogs to experience my foreign adventures as I live and learn in a foreign city and live the Francophile dream!

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  1. Hi Cian- so cool to read your blog this evening- sounds fantastic! The pics are great to see- feels like I am there. Enjoy the rest of your travels- be safe and keep learning!

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