2017 Spring Cian Grourke Lyon Temple Exchange


Currently, I am finishing my orientation here at IEP Lyon. We began on the 3 January and finish the 13 January. Most days were filled with oral, writing, and technical French classes and also instruction time on how to write French dissertation papers. But what do you do to stay sane while being in classrooms from 9-6 most days? Well, my friends, in a large cosmopolitan city like Lyon, where you can easily take the Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV), there are plenty things to do.

This past weekend, I experienced France in full force. On Saturday morning I arrived at Gare Part Dieu, the central hub of transportation services in the city, at 8:40 in the morning to catch a TGV for 9:10 to Montpellier. The train to Montpellier was a little over two hours, traveling south. In the morning, we took a tour of the city. It was originally inhabited during the Middle Ages and as France’s 8th largest city, is now a great destination for those looking for a nice weekend getaway. After our tour, we walked around the city. My group headed to Jardin du Champs de Mars, a quaint park with a pond, but then we realized there was a building right next to it (Palais des Congrès) with a terrace on the roof. We saw a lot of people on the rooftop and decided to head up. The views of the city did not disappoint. You could practically see the whole city!

After this, we bought a galette des rois, a special cake made for Epiphany. Within each cake is a small prize and whoever gets the piece with this prize is crowned le rois (the king) or la reine (the queen). Since I was the one to cut the cake on the train back, I decided it was only right to take the prize and crown for myself.

the view from the Palais des Congès
me standing in front of the Porte de Peyrou
Parc du Peyrou

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