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Impressions of Oviedo

A small city tucked away in the Picos de Europa mountain range, Oviedo has a quiet charm that resonates through each of its streets. The city’s calmness is accompanied by fresh mountain air that make every stroll a refreshing one. In addition, Oviedo’s incessant power washing and sparkling streets make the city one of the cleanest destinations in Europe.

4054_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

A side street off of Calle Mon, a concentrated party street filled with bars and clubs. The morning after all the excitement, the streets are cleaned and washed of the events from the previous night.

4055_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

Though only a few pockets of the city contain graffiti, the street art in Oviedo as well as throughout Spain, is different from anything I’ve ever experienced.

4056_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

Most elderly women in Oviedo sport fur coats and small furry friends. For animal lovers, the city is littered with unleashed dogs that loyally follow their owners from a distance. The city notably has a large variety of designer pure bred dogs that would surprise any American that came to visit.

4057_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

Many of the buildings in the city center are colorful and range in architectural styles.

4058_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

4059_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

In Plaza de Alfonso II is the site of Oviedo’s cathedral. A beautiful square used for festivals and events, which is especially beautiful when lit up at night.

4061_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

A street view near Oviedo’s shopping district.

4063_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

A view of Plaza Porlier. Oviedo has an abundance of plazas and sculptures.

4062_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

Oviedo Opera Theater

4064_ Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

Street view from outside the University of Oviedo

4065_Spain Spring 17_Danielle Nanni.jpg

Taken near the University of Oviedo


Plaza de la Constitución which includes Oviedo’s City Hall.




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