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One Last Look Around

Temple Spain’s Picos de Europa trip

Two weeks before leaving the program, Temple Univesity students take one final excursion to the Picos de Europa mountains for the weekend. On the trip, we visited villages, ate like kings and queens, and saw some breathtaking views.


The first stop on the excursion was the municipality of Cabrales, an area famous for its cheese with the same name.


We took a walking tour of the town and local trails which included caves where the Cabrales cheese is aged.




It wouldn’t be Asturias without rolling green pastures, snow covered mountains or some sort of livestock.


En route to the caves.


Temple students and other tour groups take a look at the wheels of Cabrales cheese, a very rich variety of blue cheese, being cured in a real, natural cave. The milk form the cheese must come from specific herds of cows only found in Asturias.


On our way up the mountain, we stopped at a monastery that has a crucifix made with pieces from the true cross.


A view from one of the peaks.


Temple students on top of the world.


Student Julia celebrating the monumental climb (cable car ride).


Student Jacob in mid-back-flip at the top of the mountain.


We had perfect weather throughout the excursion.


Near Llastres, another view of the Picos de Europa mountain range. Exemplifying Asturias’ diverse range of terrain, to the left side is the ocean.

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