2017 Spring Cian Grourke Temple Exchange

Reflection on Studying Abroad at Sciences Po

Since being back for a month, I have had multiple dreams about being back in Lyon. Dreams of eating dinner with my host family, in class with friends, watching the sunset on the Berges du Rhone…it still follows me now. I feel as if my life has been put on hold, as if the whole experience was a dream.

Every time I see someone, they will naturally bring up my trip. Once I get started talking about the experience, I can’t stop. It’s all that’s on my mind. And to think I was so nervous about heading over there, of feeling lonely in a new country, but no one told me how hard it would be coming back. I mean, I’m fine, but I feel like my life has been put on pause. I went from living throughout Europe in a new city each week to living at my parents house, constantly asked what time I’d be home.

I left the experience feeling fully content and excited for new experiences, but it feels like a part of me is still there, like I am still living there in my dreams. And I think that is how it goes for anyone who loves to travel, you come back a new and changed person, but there is a part of you that is still there and a part of that place that always has a place in your heart.

Now I pass the baton to other Temple students to go for yourselves, to wander through the trabules of the Croix-Rousse, to have international picnics in Parc de la Tete d’Or, to enjoy conversations on the Berges du Rhone. For others to go to Rome to walk along the river Tiber, to go to Tokyo and enjoy the best sushi you can find, to Oviedo to work on the Spanish you’ve spoken for years, and for one day to returned a changed and nostalgic Temple student.

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