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Signing Off, Oviedo

Every weekend and sometimes during the week, the University of Oviedo sponsors a trip for all the international students to go on. For our final weekend there, we went to Astorga and Leon. Both of these towns are a few hours away from Oviedo so we all had to wake up early to get on the bus. In Astorga, I visited the Chocolate Museum simply because this town was known for its rich chocolate exports. The trip was lots of fun and it was a great way to see more of what Spain had to offer.

a photo of some of the machinery used to make chocolate
Leon is filled with tons of art, so why not take a picture next to one of their statues!

Our final Thursday night dinner was a great way to end off the day considering we had all just finished taking our Spanish finals. Before arriving in Spain, it was mandatory to take placement tests. These tests determined our level in Spanish, which further allowed us to challenge ourselves during our summer intensive course. I’m very pleased with the way things turned out because I was able to both review the grammar I already learned and add on to it. My final exam was stressful, as all other finals usually are, but it wasn’t anything I had not learned. It was a fair playing field out here at the University of Oviedo.

Friday morning, our last official day at the University, we had a graduation ceremony. I received my final grade in my Spanish class and a certificate of completion. It was a wonderful experience.

My graduation ceremony!

As my time in Oviedo comes to a close, it is only right that I share with you one of my favorite memories from my time here. As a starter, my funniest memory was when my friends and I decided to hike up Mount Naranco to see the Jesus Christ (or at least a statue of him). On the way up the mountain, we came face to face with a goat. This goat was large and had a look in his eyes as if we had just entered his territory. For the first few minutes, he simply followed us and then as he got progressively closer, we realized we were being backed into a corner. We were at the edge of the mountain and the goat was less than a foot away. Luckily enough, one of us was an expert in goat behavior, and I had a croissant. My friend, the expert, told us that from living around them, they apparently get aggressive if you move to quickly or run. While I stood there scared out of my mind, we decided to offer my croissant in exchange for our freedom. After throwing a few pieces at it, we threw one far away in the opposite direction and walked away as fast but calm as we could. It was such an amusing experience. Times like that are what made my entire month in Oviedo an unforgettable experience.

I am so grateful for what Temple Study Abroad and the Gilman Scholarship Program were able to do for me because without them, I could not have had such a wonderful opportunity.

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