2017 Fall Ryo Wulf Temple Rome Temple Semester

Taking the Trip to Todi

The Most ‘Breathtaking’ Trip Ever

On September 2nd, 2017, Temple Rome scheduled a trip to Todi, which is a town located on a hilltop in central Italy. It’s scheduled as an all-day trip; from 8AM to 8PM. Students met up at the station closest to the residence and left on a few large buses. It was extremely exciting.

Arrival at Todi

Upon a two hour bus ride, we had finally arrived at Todi. The initial scenery included a parking lot and an entrance to a lift that takes you up the hill. On the hilltop was Todi, one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen in my life. In comparison to Japan or the United States, the area near our campus or residence generally had a more widespread collection of historically significant architecture.


If you view the photo above, the beauty is instantaneously noticeable. I thought the architecture and scenery in Todi was very different from Rome and was much more colourful and warm.

It seems that the physical closeness of the homes in small towns causes the residents to build relationships and be much closer to each other. I highly recommend exploring the sides of the hill top because you could see the residents and gaze at the magnificent view.


There’s also a church within the confines of the town, and it’s visible in the photo above.

The Townspeople in Todi

A noteworthy experience with the townspeople at Todi occurred when I had gotten lost, wondering through the back streets of the town. Upon looking around for a long time, I found a kind Italian man who spoke no English, but decided to help me. He actually found a local woman that he knew could speak English. She took me all the way to the lift and sent me off. They were life savers who assisted me with not being stranded in a city two hours away from the residence. Personally, I don’t recall the last time a stranger had saved me with such graciousness; in Japan, U.S., or any other countries I have previously visited in my life.

Dinner: Castello di Titignano

Following the town of Todi, we headed to Castello di Titignano for dinner. It’s a tiny village with a few hotels and a restaurant. I was starving. Luckily, we were met with finger foods, such as croquets and pizza immediately upon arrival. They were delicious, which grew the anticipation for the dinner to come even greater.

The dinner was held in a huge room fitting around 200 students. With virtually unlimited food and wine, it was the finest meal I have eaten in Italy so far. At the end of the meal, we were given espressos and tiramisu for dessert. Being beyond stuffed for the first time in Italy, I felt blessed to have joined the Temple Rome education abroad program.

20170902_155427ADDED EFFECTS.jpg

Before leaving Castello di Titignano, we were allowed a few minutes to enjoy the amazing view. The photo above includes the sight from the edge of the village. Seeing as the single road from Castello di Titignano continues on for a very long distance is an incredible sight. After riding the bus for another two hours, we were back at our residence. Accompanied by an emotion of lonesomeness (leaving Todi) and utter satisfaction of delicious Italian food, I went straight to sleep with contempt.

Getting Ready for School

School is starting in a few days and I am excited as ever. One of the main reasons is that I only have courses from Tuesday to Thursday; which gives me a four day weekend every week. This allows me to see the beautiful cultural sights located all around Rome. Another reason is that there are A LOT of excursions planned within the courses of the Temple Rome program. After seeing Todi, this fact alone is exciting. I will potentially update on the courses and how much Italian I will learn in a few weeks.


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Look out for more updates and CIAO!

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