2017 Fall Ryo Wulf Temple Rome Temple Semester

Food Ventures in Rome

Pizza, Spaghetti, and Panini..

Eating delicious food is an enjoyable attribute of living in Rome. From spaghetti to pizza to panini, there are plenty of Italian food venders that could satisfy your hunger. Within the area of both the campus and the residence, you are surrounded with signs stating the availability of Italian food. Most of these restaurants have a variety of flavourful food.

Pizza Restaurant Near the Residence

One recommendation for a pizza place located near the residence is Forno Feliziani. To arrive at this pizza place, you’ll need to walk 4-5 minutes heading towards Ottaviano station. Forno Feliziani has a wide variety of pizza, sweets, and small portions of Italian cuisine. I definitely recommend ordering their pizza. It’s the best pizza I have tasted in Rome so far.

All you’ll need to order in Italian are; “Boun giorno” (for when you first come in), point to the pizza you want, say “caldo” (means hot) if you want them to warm up your pizza, and tell them either “da asporto” (for take out) or “qui mangia” (for eating at the restaurant). Most of the staff speaks a little bit of English, but it’ll make your experience easier if you know these four phrases. Below is a photo of the pizza warmed up and ready for consumption. Their pizzas are all extremely delicious, but I personally suggest ordering the mushroom & tomato sauce pizza.


Pizza Shop Near the Campus

Taking courses at Temple Rome is amusing and enjoyable. When studying hard or draining your artistic urges, you’ll definitely start to feel hungry. The pizza place is called Mondo Arancina. The workers are kind and speak English. They make pretty yummy pizza for a cheap price and it’s located 7-8 minutes by walk from the campus.

Non-Italian Options..?

While eating pizza in Italy everyday is an amazing experience, I’ll guarantee that you’ll want other types of food sooner or later. Personally, coming from Japan where rice is included in most meals, eating bread everyday becomes difficult. In the case of being afflicted by the strong desire for rice, there are a few restaurants near the residence with delicious Asain food.

A Chinese restaurant that I highly recommend is New Town. It’s located near Cipro station and it is a 6-7 minute walk from the residence.

Upon being deprived of rice for the first few days, this restaurant saved my life. Their food is relatively cheap and extremely delicious. To put into perspective, the chicken fried rice at this restaurant costs 2.50 Euros and it tastes amazing. Some restaurants and cafes will sell paninis for 3-6 Euros and it might not taste just as good.


The photo above reveals their fried rice and plain white rice. New Town’s take out portions are slightly smaller compared to when they’re eaten at the restaurant, but they’re equally as tasty. Upon discovery, I have since visited this restaurant over 10 times in the last 3 weeks. It’s the most practical option to save money and be fulfilled with plenty of rice.

Being a student at Temple Rome, there are a lot of opportunities to explore the amazing city. From excursions to cooking classes to class field trips, you’ll see all the astonishing parts of Rome. If you ever get the chance to visit, definitely look out for restaurants and cafes. Food is an amazing asset to Italian culture, and you’ll enjoy every single bite.

Thank you for reading until the end. CIAO!


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