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Excursions in Art Courses

Often, college art courses include excursions to art galleries and inspirational locations around campus. This was also true with the art courses in Temple Japan. However, the excursions at Temple Rome are slightly different. With the advantage of being placed in Rome, the art excursions are extremely luxurious and exceptional. Each excursion will blow your mind with pure astonishment and praise.

If you ever plan to enroll in the study abroad program from Temple as an art major (or any major), you should definitely take the Rome Sketchbook course. Although all the art and art history courses provide at least one excursion, the Rome Sketchbook courses are conducted mostly outdoors. You’ll be carrying a Sketchbook around the most beautiful and monumental locations around Rome. It’s an utterly remarkable experience. Upon taking the Rome Sketchbook course for about four weeks now, I have been especially stunned by a few of the many locations. These include the Colosseum, the area around the Colosseum, and the botanical gardens.

The Colosseum

Image of the Colosseum.jpg

If you ever visit Rome, the Colosseum is a famously known, “must see” spot. The magnificence of the Colosseum is obvious once stepped into its vicinity. It’s definitely huge as visible in the photo above and has existed for a very long time. Personally, the true inspiration of the Colosseum is the see-through architectural design. While it appears crammed by its surroundings, the numerous windows visible on the sides uncover the sky. This design differentiates the Colosseum from other monumental buildings around Rome.

Around the Colosseum

The area around the Colosseum possesses an assortment of interesting architecture and sights. In the case of entering the Colosseum, your ticket should have an option of including the entrance to the other buildings around the Colosseum. Although relatively expensive, the package deal comes with an opportunity to view the Arco di Tito and other intriguing sights.

Image of the surroundings.jpg

Once inside of the other facility, you’ll be able to view some of the most beautiful buildings in Rome. You’ll be hiking your way to the top of the hill, where awaits a magnificent view. It’s worth it!

The Botanical Gardens

One of the few tokens of traveling to Rome is the gardens. The Botanical Gardens is located 4-5 minutes away by foot from the “LGT Farnesina” bus stop. It’s an exceptionally huge garden with stunning features. Personally, the Japanese style garden and the bamboo forest were the most intriguing.

Image of the Momiji Leaves.jpg



The Japanese style garden was extremely beautiful and immensely accurate (speaking from a Japanese person’s perspective). The photo above shows the brown leaves of trees often seen within gardens and parks in Japan. There was also a fountain and a bench to sit down and rest your legs.

Image of the Bamboo .jpg

The bamboo forest was covered in short and thin to thick and tall bamboo trees. In the spaces between each bamboo tree, the light shines through bright yellow. Both the atmosphere surrounding the bamboos and the bamboos themselves were incredibly beautiful.

Imagine drawing the Pantheon or the Colosseum from life. Imagine the tremendous amount of artistic improvement could be achieved through constantly, psychologically linking excitement with drawing.

Thank you for reading! CIAO!

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