2017 Fall Kaia Bentsen Temple Japan

Week 8!

The 7/11 near the Musashi-Kosugi dorm. Open 24/7, either a 7/11, Lawson, or Family Mart can be found on almost every block, and they are so much better than American convenience stores!
Aaron on the walk to school with his milk tea!
Parker on a cloudy day in Kawasaki.
A daily view- the building to the left is the Musashi-Kosugi dorm.
The shared kitchen in the dorm- there is one on each floor!
The dorm threw us a Halloween Party- Morgan enjoying free food!
Coby after getting his face painted at the dorm Halloween party.
Just like convenience stores, there are vending machines all over as well. Most drinks cost around ¥100, which is around $1.
A close-up of a vending machine
Aaron studying in the student lounge at TUJ.

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