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What if you lose your credit card in Rome?

As seen in the previous post, I have taken a week long trip to Amsterdam. During that time, I incautiously lost my credit card. Although losing your credit card in your own country appears rather acceptable perhaps, losing it in a foreign country is deplorable. Especially in Rome, there are a couple of situations where a credit card could be stolen rather than lost. In trains, busses, and busy streets, you might be extra careful of pickpocketers. If you arrive to Rome from a rather safe country such as Japan (myself) or America, you might need to read some advice on surviving with just a credit card.

To clarify the situation, I brought two credit cards to Rome and only one could withdraw money. The stolen credit card was the only one that could withdraw cash. If you resort to these conditions or just simply wish to not carry cash, you could take some valuable advice for surviving solely with your credit card.

Minimum Purchase Price

When attempting to use your credit card in Rome, there’s some things to keep in mind. Firstly, at most cafes and shops, a minimum purchase is set by the shop owner. For example, a cafe near the residence took credit card after much negotiation, but I had to at least make a 10 Euro purchase. In this circumstance, you might be spending way more for unneeded items. But, if you don’t have cash and are desperate, you might need to resort to these conditions.

I remember America or Japan to not include these types of “in store negotiations” about using credit cards. Rather, most stores (especially restaurants) openly accepted credit cards. However in Rome, the stores are mostly managed by families. So, you will be training your negotiation skills when you hope to utilise your credit card in Rome.

Enter a Flourishing Store

In case of initially seeking for a store/restaurant that both accepts credit card AND has no minimum price, you should be purposely seeking out a flourishing business. Restaurants and stores with a lot of customers will surely take credit card. Especially chain restaurants and branded clothing stores will gladly take credit card in comparison to a small family owned cafe.


For example, supermarkets around the residence such as META and Carrefour Market openly accept credit cards. Especially, the Carrefour Market is a huge supermarket with everything you might need. On top of that fact, it’s a 24 hour open supermarket. The self-check out registers also accept credit card, so it won’t make you feel guilty when you purchase a one Euro sprite bottle with your credit card. Above is the photo of the self-check out registers.

Protect your Wallet

While losing one credit card and having another that won’t be able to withdraw cash seems like an unfamiliar situation, it could happen to you. So, if you especially come from Japan, where the train system is relatively safe from thieves, you MUST be careful. In my perspective, the most reasonable way to protect your wallet is to keep it in your front pocket and just shove your hand on top of that wallet for the whole ride.


Rome is an utterly amazing city with beauty at every corner. While letting loose in Rome is an amazing experience, you should definitely be ready for the one downside of the city. Protect your wallet and have the most astonishing time in Rome.


Thank you for reading! CIAO!

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