2017 Fall Kaia Bentsen Temple Japan

Week 11!

Coffee shop in Azabujuban.
Photo from my daily commute- it takes about 25 minutes on the train each way to school from the dorm.
Japanese Supermarket
The Japanese culture involves a lot of gift giving-Here is a example of some winter gifts, such as sauces and foods, that are currently being sold all over department stores and supermarkets.
Red bean covered dango- A popular Japanese dessert!
Some hiragana (left) and katakana (right) that I have learned in my Practical Japanese for Study Abroad Students class.
Alex playing a popular Japanese game we learned in class- Putting features on a face while blindfolded.
I’ve learned how to write my name in katakana!
Morgan learning how to write calligraphy in our Japanese class!
The sun setting over Tokyo Tower.

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