2017 Fall Kaia Bentsen Temple Japan

Week 12- Tori no Ichi Festival

Tori no Ichi is a famous outdoor market held on the Chinese day of the Rooster (Tori), where people buy decorated rakes to wish for happiness and good business in the upcoming year.

Some of the many rakes sold at the festival- Each year, one is supposed to return their previous rake and purchase a new, larger rake for the next year.
The rakes are very detailed and elaborate!
One of the many busy rows of rake vendors.
Morgan at the Rake Festival!
Some street food- a type of Chinese pancake that is stuffed with a gyoza-type filling.
More street food- chocolate covered mochi!
The festival was located at the Ootori Shrine in Asakusa, which is a shrine famous for its business prosperity.
The entrance to the Ootori Shrine, in which many people line up to pray.
After the festival we ate at Rokumonsen, an okonomiyaki restaurant. Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake, meaning “grilled as you like,” and is made with cabbage, eggs, meats, and other various vegetables. The two pancakes on the left are okonomiyaki, and the pancake on the right is monjayaki, which is a thinner version. The chefs come to the table and cook it right in front of you, using short metal spatulas to chop all the ingredients up and form the pancakes into circles.


The finished Okonomiyaki- topped with okonomiyaki sauce (similar to barbecue sauce), mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and seaweed flakes.


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