2017 Fall Ryo Wulf Temple Rome Temple Semester

Roman Inspirations

Rome Inspires Artistic Innovations

Being in Rome, which is one of the most historically significant cities in the world, has immensely influenced myself as an artist. While I haven’t forcibly included Roman history within my artworks, Rome swiftly pulls you in. Rome will unconditionally and unconsciously inspire your artistic innovations and rapidly improve your artistic abilities.

Printmaking Courses

If you are lucky enough to participate in the Temple Rome study abroad program as an art major, Printmaking is definitely a course worth taking. The professors at Temple Rome are all willing to frequently influence you with Roman history. In particular, the professor for my Printmaking course is persistent in assuring that students are constantly exposed to Roman history.

As for Temple Japan, art professors have always been skillful in inspiring students by exposing the class to extraordinary artists. But at Temple Rome, the professors can literally take the whole class on a 10 to 20 minute walk to personally show and present the world’s most beautifully crafted artworks. For example,  in one of our printmaking classes the instructor took the whole class on a 20 minute walk to see the Piranesi showing at the Palazzo Braschi. Above is a photo of the Palazzo Braschi museum. From just a photo of a corner of the gallery, the architectural beauty is visibly evident.

On this website, you can see some of the artwork shown at the gallery. Also, above is a close up photo of Piranesi’s work. This astonishing show features Piranesi’s ridiculously precise and brilliant printmaking skills. Upon seeing his works, any passionate artist will be influenced to create more intricate and interesting artworks themselves. Personally, viewing Piranesi’s artwork and coming back to work on printmaking is truly an honor; and a experience only possible from studying at Temple Rome.

Sketchbook Courses

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Sketchbook classes are taught by amazing professors who are all serious and invested in contributing to your artistic inspirations in Rome. My Rome Sketchbook course gives students a lot of opportunities to view stunning art galleries and architecture. While viewing beautiful and historical architecture truly influences student’s artworks, visiting huge and monumental art galleries is also inspirational.

In particular, visiting the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna or, in English, the National Gallery of Modern Art was a breathtaking experience. Firstly, as you could see in the photo above of the gallery’s exterior, this gallery is humongous. It contains artwork that appears obviously contemporary such as a grave covered in lettuce, but also has a lot of historically significant sculptures, paintings, sketches, and drawings.

Above are two meticulously crafted sculptures with perfect lighting and display method. This gallery brilliantly displays Italy’s most interesting artwork within an immense space. It’s a gallery that’s worth seeing if you ever visit Italy!

If you don’t want to leave..

With classes held outside, such as the Rome Sketchbook course, you separate right after the class ends. Which means you could stay at Rome’s most astonishing galleries and continue sketching inside. As for my class at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, we met and started sketching at around 8:45 and ended at 12:30. From then, I chose to stay and continue sketching up until 8:00pm. For those passionate in capturing some of the most extravagant artworks in Italy, you might want to stay in this huge gallery and significantly improve your art skills.

Thank you for reading. CIAO!

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