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Eat Sushi, until you faint

All you can EAT..

Surprisingly, there are many all you can eat Chinese and/or Japanese restaurants in Rome. The prices vary, but generally they cost 26 to 30 Euros (for dinner) and they mainly operate at night. There’s also restaurants providing “apertivos”,  which is an Italian version of an “all you can eat”. At these locations, you usually pay around 10 to 20 Euros (sometimes more) for unlimited food and one drink.

The biggest difference between the apertivo and the all you can eat Asian restaurants are the freshness of the food and the one extra drink. At restaurants providing apertivos, the food is prepared when the place opens. So, the later you arrive at the restaurant, the less fresh the food will be. I have personally experienced apertivo in Trastevere and found that all the food was cold. In contrast, the food at Asian all you can eat restaurants will be made as you order, so the food is always fresh. As for being able to order a drink, it is an interesting option only available at apertivos.

Sushi Paradise in Rome

Being Japanese, constantly eating only Italian food is honestly not such a wonderful thing. Although I love eating pizza and spaghetti, I still eat at the Chinese restaurant “New Town” for half the week. For all students and temporary residents in Rome, I would seriously advise visiting this all you can eat Japanese restaurant for lunch.  The restaurant’s name is “Hanabi Sushi” and it’s located around 6-7 minutes away by foot from the residence.

The restaurant has fancy interior design and you are welcomed by kind employees ready to stuff your belly with a LOT of food.

Cheap Lunch, All you can eat

As you could view above, the all you can eat price for lunch at Hanabi Sushi costs only 11.90 Euros. In comparison to many all you can eat restaurants supplying dinners, it’s an extremely reasonable and even a considerably cheap lunch. The lunch menu extends to 6 pages and they’re packed with delicious Japanese food items to order. The menu items consist of everything from miso soup to seafood salads to sushi to spring rolls to ramen.

In addition, there’s another page dedicated to just Chinese food. So at this restaurant, you could order any menu item from the huge Japanese food menu and have an option to order Chinese food menu items.

Delicious Food…

First, I personally advise getting  sushi. Since it’s an all you can eat menu, you could order any type of sushi in any quantity you desire. Each customer is granted a wide variety of items to choose from. You could order everything from normal sushi items (such as Tuna and Salmon) to California rolls.

Second, there are many sides to eat despite the huge sushi selections. The chicken or pork cutlets are extremely tasty and well cooked.

Finally, order a heavy main dish, such as ramen, udon, katsu-don, and etc. Above is a photo of the Katsu don, which includes cooked pork cutlets fried with eggs and placed on top of a bowl of rice. The yummy cutlets match well with the eggs and harmonize in your mouth. Even after eating so much sushi and side dishes, I was able to finish this Katsu-don.

More Sophisticated than Japan?

After visiting Hanabi sushi, I was surprised to notice that they prepare fresh food as people order them. In Japan, all you can eat restaurants usually have prepared food if they are cheap and have fresh food if it’s costly. I have been to countless all you can eat sushi restaurants in Japan, but have never met such a huge menu. This restaurant’s all you can eat for lunch is extremely cheap and delicious even compared to Japan. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your nostalgia for good Asian food and not have to spend a fortune.

Thank you for reading! CIAO.



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