2018 Spring Dylan Long Temple in Spain Temple Semester

Settling Into our New City

Our second week in Oviedo has been full of brand new places, flavors and adventures. Check out some of what we’ve been up to in the photos below:

Students enjoying sidra at the acclaimed Tierra Astur sidreria.

Students trying out some delicious Spanish cuisine at Tierra Astur.

Senior Max striking the Rocky pose after climbing a *ton* of stairs.

Students taking in the mountain scenery at Parque de Invierno.

Students enjoying a beautiful day in Parque de Invierno.

A lovely sunset from Parque de Invierno.

Students having an awesome time on a beautiful January day.

La Casa de las Lenguas, the University of Oviedo building where we are studying Spanish this semester.

A picturesque city sunset with Asturian mountains in sight.

A screening of the critically acclaimed Margarita, with a Straw at Oviedo’s Teatro Filarmónica, as part of their month-long screening series on social justice & human rights.

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