2018 Spring Dylan Long Temple in Spain Temple Semester

Carnaval in Oviedo

The celebration of Spain’s Carnaval festivities wrapped up this past weekend in Oviedo. Carnaval, which is very similar to Mardi Gras, involves getting dressed up in costumes, going out & celebrating. Here are some photos of the festivities this past weekend:

Some decorations set up in the Cathedral Square, in preparation for Carnaval.

Store windows full of costumes as Carnaval approaches.

Some day-time prep for the concert in the Cathedral Square.

Performers storming Calle Gascona with drums, flags and costumes.

Calle Gascona fulled with perfomers and onlookers.

Students hanging out in the large groups of young people congregated in Oviedo’s streets.

Students enjoying their night at La Caja.

Students dressed up and enjoying their night.

La Caja, the bar in Oviedo owned and operated by my host dads!

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