2018 Spring Kayla Amador Temple Japan Temple Semester

Week 8 – Exploring Izu

SP18801_Izu_City in the Distance_KaylaAmador
City in the Distance
SP18802_Izu_Students Departing the Bus_KaylaAmador
Students Departing the Bus
SP18803_Izu_SA Student Picking Izu Strawberries_KaylaAmador
SA Student Picking Izu Strawberries
SP18804_Izu_Leaving the Strawberry Farm_KaylaAmador
Leaving the Strawberry Farm
SP18805_Izu_Students Hiking through Kawazu Seven Falls_KaylaAmador
Students Hiking through Kawazu Seven Falls
SP18806_Izu_Students Crossing a Bridge at Kawazu Seven Falls_KaylaAmador
Students Crossing a Bridge at Kawazu Seven Falls
SP18807_Izu_Kawazu Cherry Blossoms_KaylaAmador
Kawazu Cherry Blossoms
SP18808_Izu_Kawazu River_KaylaAmador
Kawazu River
SP18809_Izu_Street in Kawazu_KaylaAmador
Street in Kawazu
SP18810_Izu_SA Students at Kawazu Shore_KaylaAmador
Students at Kawazu Shore

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