2018 Spring Kayla Amador Temple Japan Temple Semester

Week 13: Odaiba

SP18301_Odaiba_Miraikan Science Museum_KaylaAmador
Miraikan Science Museum
SP18302_Odaiba_View Inside the Miraikan_KaylaAmador
View Inside the Miraikan
SP18303_Odaiba_SA Students Taking Photos inside the Miraikan_KaylaAmador
SA Students Taking Photos inside the Miraikan
SP18304_Odaiba_Caution to Photographers_KaylaAmador
Caution to Photographers
SP18305_Odaiba_Life Sized Gundam Mech Statue_KaylaAmador
Life-Sized Gundam Mech Statue
SP18306_Odaiba_Gundam Figures on Display_KaylaAmador
Gundam Figures on Display
SP18307_Odaiba_Lit Gundam Statue_KaylaAmador
Lit Gundam Statue
SP18308_Odaiba_Odaiba Palette town_KaylaAmador
Odaiba Palette Town
SP18309_Odaiba_SA Students shop and explore palette town_KaylaAmador
SA Students Shop and Explore Palette Town
SP18310_Odaiba_Odaiba Statue of Liberty_KaylaAmador
Odaiba Statue of Liberty

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