2018 Spring Nina De Vitry Temple in Spain Temple Semester

Group Dinners in Oviedo!

Since arriving in Oviedo, our Temple group has had the opportunity to meet up on the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of every month for a dinner with Jaime. The dinners are included in the Temple Spain program, and are an awesome way to experience new restaurants in Oviedo, relax, and catch up with everyone as a group. I personally have not eaten out much in Oviedo, so I’m always super excited to get together with everyone and try out new restaurants! Every month, Jaime has had something amazing planned.

Our first group dinner was at one of the most famous Sidrerías in Oviedo. Sidrerías are super common here- it’s where they sell sidra, the naturally fermented cider that is commonly associated with the northern regions of Spain. It’s super popular in Asturias, and attending dinner at one of the top Sidrerías gave us a great look into the way the locals often enjoy their dinners out. At this dinner we were brought rounds and rounds of tapas, ranging from special cheeses and breads to the famous Spanish tortilla (an omelette made with potatoes and eggs). We ended the night watching and dancing to a live band, and I think it’s safe to say that our first group dinner experience in Oviedo had us all already looking forward to the next one!

The following group dinners were held at the Oviedo tennis club and a restaurant specializing in preparing seafood. Both of these dinners were fabulous, but my favorite was our dinner this past Thursday.

Before meeting up at La Taberna del Zurdo at 9:30 pm, Jaime made sure to tell us we were in for a treat. He compared the top chef working at the restaurant to an “iron chef,” and when I asked what exactly he meant, he explained that this man had catered for World Cup soccer teams before. Apparently he was the real deal.

Our dinner that night was an excellent fusion of different culinary influences. It was hands down my favorite meal I’ve eaten in Spain all semester! We started off the night chatting and catching up, because it isn’t often that our entire group gets to spend an evening together. We had the option to enjoy a glass of wine or some sparkling water, and soon the different courses of food started coming out. I’ve definitely come to a point where I’ll eat almost anything, and I was super excited to be trying all the plates even though I wasn’t quite sure what everything was.

Fried Vegetables with Sauce

What I thought was some type of odd meat turned out to be a delicious fried banana, and when a plate of jet black pasta came out, I accepted the fact that it was covered in squid ink and just went for it.

We all passed each course around and got a taste of everything, and the chefs even prepare special alternatives for the vegetarians in the group!

Pasta with Squid Ink

It’s a little crazy to think that we’ll only have one more group dinner after this, but I’m so glad that Temple Spain has this tradition and that we’ll have one more opportunity in May to come together over conversation, laughter, and food.

Til next time!


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