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Welcome to Dhrangadhra!

After approximately 20 hours of traveling, my peers and I finally landed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India!  As the sun began to rise, we journeyed to Dhrangadhra. Dr. Jhala, our professor, says the palace where we are staying “has seen better days,” but we think it’s quite beautiful.

This first week has been spent exploring our living quarters, the delicious food, and the spirited markets. We have experienced multiple functions – gatherings filled with dance exhibitions. We have also begun our respective research projects! Topics include the local economy, natural healing, and cultural practices.


The palace where we are staying.


A view of the palace’s towers from our sleeping quarters.


An antique car parked in the shade. The temperature reaches at least 112 degrees each day.


Students Caroline and Emma sift through colorful sarees at the market. Sarees are usually five to nine yards in length.

CIMG4360.DPI_300 (1)

We take rickshaws from the palace to town.


Students sit in the back of the rickshaw as it journeys from a nearby village to the palace.  The drivers are experts at navigating the sporadic traffic patterns (which includes roaming animals as well)!


In Hinduism, cows are believed to be sacred.  These cows are part of the Brahman cattle breed.

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A view from the Astrologist’s home. The Astrologist carefully prepares each of our horoscopes and they are translated by his son.

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There are many modes of transportation here, including bikes.


The sun sets over the dry land. Unfortunately, Dhrangadhra is experiencing one of its worst droughts.

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  1. Thank you for making the time to share your impressions, comments and representative photos of your experiences thus far, Julia. I hope your immersion into the project of your choosing will be beneficial for you and the subjects of your pursuit. Do post more when you are able; it will inform those of us who are interested as well as help you to remember the beauty as well as challenges long after you have returned. Good luck!

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