2018 Summer India Julia Ryan Temple Summer

Food, prayer, and dance!

Although I am back in the United States, I have not forgotten the many intricacies of daily life in Dhrangadhra.  We explored the culture of dance and communal gatherings.  Their religious practices helped us to understand other facets of their lifestyle including yoga and meditation.  The food was incredible (if you can handle the spice!) and tea time was always a highlight.


We watched a traditional Hindu play and dance.


Students participating in the fire ritual before prayer.


A temple in the nearby town of Morbi.  The architecture was absolutely beautiful.


We learned about the many gods and the different prayer practices.


Gods displayed at the temple.


The God of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is a ancient system of natural medicine.


A typical lunchtime meal usually includes lentils, rice and potatoes.


A cup of very hot Chai tea.  It is usually made with milk and sugar with the addition of other spices including ginger and cinnamon.


Yoga is practiced by many in Dhrangadhra.  Jayshree explains the sun salutations.

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We took a nighttime camel cart ride to a temple.

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