2018 Summer External Programs Ireland Nhi Nguyen UCD, Dublin

Vlog 3: Mini Campus Tour | More travels | Fourth of July | Tips for making new buddies |

Hey Owls!

I can’t believe how F A S T time flies! I only have two (yes, only two!) more weeks left in Ireland. I’m officially 14 days away from meeting my family and friends in Vietnam. Let the “Counting Down” game begin!

I have included in this vlog a mini tour around University College Dublin and what is my favorite thing to do on campus. I hope it will give you all a better view of the campus.

I have also been on two school trips recently, one to the Cliffs of Moher and another to Glendalough. I enjoyed both trips a whole lot as I got to see other students in this program and had the chance to catch up with them!

About my internship, Josie and I decided to celebrate Fourth of July with our colleagues. We surprised them with our little treats of fruit kebabs and marshmallow. Everyone was amazed, and I think they really enjoyed their kebabs! We ended up gathering around for a coffee break and got to know one another a bit more.

In this vlog, I share some tips for international students to make new friends while studying abroad. I hope you guys find them helpful, as they have helped me a lot whenever I step out of my comfort zone!

Feel free to shoot me an email at nhi.nguyen@temple.edu  if you have any questions!


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