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Choosing your Study Abroad Program: Zodiac Edition

Choosing Your Study Abroad Program: Zodiac Sign Edition

Trying to find the best study abroad program for you can feel overwhelming. Maybe you’re a little intimidated by the idea of leaving the country for an extended period of time, or maybe you’re interested in multiple programs and just can’t narrow it down. Whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, we guarantee there’s a program fit for everyone. Based on your academic and personal needs and goals, you can find a study abroad program that will allow you to thrive. If you’re interested in astrology, maybe you can also use your zodiac sign to figure out which program is best for you. Just for fun, this blog post will break down all twelve zodiac signs and which study abroad location and program are the best fit for each!

Aries: Aries, you are bold, energetic leaders by nature. With your fierce and independent attitude, you’ll want to consider a study abroad program that allows you to be your self-starting and bold self. Consider one of our exchange programs, such as Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel or Yonsei University in South Korea. On an exchange program, you’ll be entirely immersed in your host country. You won’t be taking classes with other Temple students; you’ll be right alongside local students. Your adventurous and fearless nature will allow you to thrive on one of these programs.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel | Education Abroad ...
Yonsei University in Korea | Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses

Taurus: You all have a reputation for being homebodies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a study abroad program for you. You value stability and are resistant to change, but you are also incredibly drawn to the beauty of the material world, like the art and architecture of the Eternal City. This makes Temple Rome a perfect fit for you. You’ll be on a Temple campus surrounded by other Temple and study abroad students, which will give you a level of comfort and sense of home, but you’ll also be surrounded by the city, ready to be explored. 

Temple University Rome Campus

Gemini: Gemini is adaptable, curious and intelligent. If you’re a Gemini, consider our Exchange program in Taipei, Taiwan at National Taiwan University. NTU, the largest and oldest university in Taiwan, offers more than 7,800 courses each semester, placing it at the top in the nation in terms of both breadth of academic fields and volume of programs. Your intellectual drive will make you a perfect fit at this prestigious institution. Plus, the city of Taipei will definitely intrigue you, as there is much to see and explore. Our own former peer advisor, Tom, is a Gemini and studied for an academic year at NTU.

National Taiwan University in Taiwan | Education Abroad and ...

Cancer: Cancer, you are sensitive, nurturing and protective. With your family-oriented spirit, a program where you can live with a host family would best suit you. Our Temple Spain program in Oviedo, Spain would be a great fit for you. Its culturally immersive nature will help you out of your comfort zone, which you are often prone to staying in. You will also be able to live with and form a relationship with a new family that will help you along the way. I am a Cancer, and I studied abroad in Oviedo during the Spring of 2019. Living with a host family was one of my favorite experiences from my time abroad, and it definitely made me feel more comfortable in a new environment! (Read about my host family experience in one of my previous blogs!)

Temple University in Spain | Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses

Leo: If you’re known for being passionate, boisterous, in-control, and maybe a little bit dramatic, you’re probably a Leo. What better place for you to spend your time abroad than in Paris, France? Paris is a vibrant and glamorous city known for its art, fashion and culture. These aspects of the city make it a solid fit for a Leo. Leo is outgoing and confident, so embarking on an external program won’t be too scary for them. Former Peer Advisor and Leo, Jenna, studied abroad at the American Business School of Paris. She recently wrote about a day in her life in Paris. Check out more external program options in Paris on our website.

Virgo: Virgo is known for being practical, organized, smart and hardworking. This Earth sign can be a bit shy, so a study abroad program that will allow them to work hard but also get out of their comfort zone will be a perfect option. One program to consider is our exchange program at Sciences Po Lyon in Lyon, France. A center of academic excellence, the high quality course options in Political Science and French Studies will fulfill Virgo’s drive to learn while also providing opportunities for Virgo to put themselves out there and immerse themselves in the local student body. Another program for a Virgo to consider is the exchange program in Hamburg, Germany at University of Hamburg. This program will also fulfill Virgo’s desire to learn with its wide array of course offerings in all different disciplines. They can also work to enhance their German language skills if desired with German language coursework. A Virgo would be eager to learn in either of these rich historical cities, Lyon or Hamburg. 

Sciences Po Lyon in France | Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses
FAQ on the novel coronavirus and its impact on Universität Hamburg ...

Libra: Libra, you are social, diplomatic and harmonious. Ruled by the planet Venus, you value art, beauty, love and romance. Just like Taurus, you would thrive on our Temple Rome program, or anywhere in Italy really. You value aesthetics and beauty, which means you’ll fit in well in a country known for its incredible contributions to art, architecture, fashion, food, wine, and all things elegant. You are also incredibly social, so embarking on a program as large as Temple Rome where you can meet many new people would be exciting to you.

Temple Rome Undergraduate Summer | Education Abroad and Overseas ...

Scorpio: Scorpios are calm, cool, independent and creative. A water sign, they are intrigued by new experiences and cultures. Temple Japan would be a great program for these authentic and expressive people. Tokyo is undoubtedly a cool city with both modern, cosmopolitan features and historical customs alike. It is a vibrant area with much to offer at every corner. A Scorpio’s calm nature will allow them to be up to the challenge of adapting to a new place, especially one with a culture so different from that of the United States, like Japan. Read more about students’ time in Tokyo on our blog

Temple University, Japan Campus | Education Abroad and Overseas ...

Sagittarius: If there is any sign that is pretty much made to study abroad, it’s Sagittarius. They are known travelers and explorers. Sagittarius is open minded and curious about the world around them. On top of their explorative drive, they are extremely extroverted, optimistic, and energetic. Staying in one place or situation too long will bore them. If you’re a Sagittarius, you might want to consider a program where you can go far away from home and experience an entirely new place, like our Exchange program at Griffith University on the Gold Coast of Australia. Griffith is a large university with 50,000 students, fulfilling your need to meet a lot of new people. Plus, while on an exchange, you won’t be surrounded by many other Temple students. This program will have you quite literally on the opposite side of the world, which is pretty much a Sagittarius’ dream. 

Griffith University in Australia | Education Abroad and Overseas ...

Capricorn: Capricorn is responsible, hardworking and goal-oriented. While they can be on the more traditional side, they are incredibly self-disciplined and focused on their work over all things. Capricorns may have a tendency to resist periods of change, which makes study abroad a perfect opportunity for them to challenge themselves! A Capricorn might consider one of our faculty-led summer programs. The idea of leaving home for a whole semester might feel daunting, which makes summer a great option (but if you’re a Capricorn and want to study on a semester-long program, you should absolutely do that!). Plus, our faculty-led programs are generally focused on a specific academic discipline, which will allow Capricorn to stay focused on their work. These programs change each summer, so check back on our website around December to see which academic disciplines our programs are centered around for next summer!

Temple Summer in Italy Siena Research Program | Education Abroad ...
Temple Summer in Germany | Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses

Aquarius: Aquarius, you’re known for being unique, intelligent, progressive and maybe a little stubborn. But, above all, Aquarius is the humanitarian of the signs. You are a philanthropist by nature and feel strongly about social change and making the world a better place. Therefore, a study abroad program that incorporates giving back and making change is the way to go. You should consider a service learning program, like Temple Summer in Jamaica. This program allows its students to travel to different communities in Jamaica and engage in service initiatives while exploring the history, culture, socio-economic development, education, and public health of the country. Your humanitarian spirit would be a perfect match for this program. You might also volunteer at a soup kitchen or assist refugees seeking employment in Italy while at Temple Rome.

Temple Summer in Jamaica | Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses

Pisces: The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is gentle, intuitive, and adaptive. They can be overly sensitive, but they are generally a relaxed and go-with-the-flow sign. If you’re a Pisces, these qualities make it so you would bode well on any of our programs. Pisces are also considered the least judgmental of all of the signs, so you are already well equipped to immerse yourself in a place with people different than yourself. Since you are a water sign, you might want to consider a location near the water or somewhere you can channel your creativity, such as Latin America. The Pura Vida mantra of Costa Rica or the rich history and culture of Peru might entice you. You can explore external program options in Latin America on our website.

Latin American Studies Semester Program | Education Abroad and ...

While you can use your zodiac sign and characteristics to guide you in choosing a program, don’t let it be the only thing that guides your decision. Research programs, narrow in on your goals, attend Foundations, and talk to someone in our office. There is a study abroad program for everyone!

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