2019 Summer Amanda Carey Northern Ireland Peer Advisor Temple Summer

When one door closes

So you applied to your dream study abroad program, waited with anticipation daydreaming about all the amazing things you are going to do on your program, and then a few weeks later you get a response. Your stomach drops worse than it does on a roller coaster… rejected

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. You see, I was in your shoes just a few years ago. I was a freshman with a perfect 4.0 GPA and involved in multiple extra curricular activities. Nothing could get in my way right? Wrong. The summer after my freshman year, I wanted to be the next dancing queen and study abroad in Greece! Throughout the process of applying, and after I submitted my application, I imagined myself dancing and tanning (or sunburning as my Irish heritage permits) on the soft white sand beaches, exploring ruins, and photographing the most beautiful sights. When I got the email that I was waitlisted and probably would not be accepted into my program, I was heartbroken (yes I’m dramatic but I was excited, okay?!). The door to Greece, or better yet the flight, was now closed. The deadlines for the other programs had passed, I was a failure… or so I thought. Later that same evening I got an email from the Education Abroad office stating that I could change my program to one that still had spaces left. “Change my program?” I thought to myself while still annoyed and focusing on my closed door. I thought, “Ehh better take a look, I guess,” assuming nothing could be as good as the MaMa Mia fantasy world I had created in my mind. I looked through the other summer program offerings and saw that one was going to be offered in Derry, Northern Ireland. It looked like something I might be interested in, so I clicked the link and read the description. Hiking, history, and heritage… sounds perfect for me!! I emailed back saying I was interested in the program and was able to fill out all the online paperwork to transfer my application that day and BOOM, I was in! 

I can’t tell you that the Ireland program was better than Greece because I didn’t go on both. What I can tell you is that I had the most amazing time hiking the mountains of Ireland and learning about the Troubles that occurred in the country’s history — I forgot I even intended on going somewhere else. I met the kindest people and made friends at Temple that I would have never known otherwise. After the program ended, I became the annoying study abroad student that includes their study abroad experience in every other conversation they have. I was so moved by my program that I added an International business minor. 

To sum it up, my rejection opened the door to another amazing opportunity. If you have been waitlisted or rejected from a program, don’t give up. Your future study abroad experience is waiting for you, all you have to do is find it.

Pictured here: Ard’s Forest, taken by me 🙂

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